886603A 14-30P Splitter to (2)14-30R, 1.5FT to one female, 12FT to the other female.

886603A 14-30P Splitter to (2)14-30R, 1.5FT to one female, 12FT to the other female.

建议零售价: CNY ¥646.3

Parkworld 886603A NEMA 14-30 Splitter, Dryer 14-30P Male Plug to (2) 14-30R Female Receptacle, Dryer 4-Prong 30 AMP 14-30 Y Adapter Cord (12 feet)

  • Dryer 4 prong Splitter 14-30P to 14-30R*2 250V/7500W, 3FT to one female; 12FT to the other female.
  • The last one end is STW 10AWG/4C 12' wire 
  • NEMA 14-30 Plug*1 , 30 AMP 4-prong Dryer male.
  • NEMA 14-30 Receptacle, 30 AMP 4-prong Dryer female connector.
  • Using UL 62 standard STW 10/4C cable with molded connectors.
  • Test electrical function by UL & cUL standard
  • Heavy-duty power adapter cord, 100% cooper conductor inside.

Customize Product, only for inquire and plan manufacture in Factory.

You can get the cord or adapter in your need, too.

We focus on producing power cord and molding NEMA plug or connector. 

Most of generally use NEMA plugs and receptacles we can manufacture with PVC cable. 

We have UL approved for all PVC wire in UL 62 standard, and also have UL or ETL approved for most of connectors in UL 817 standard. 

Please let us know your demand by send message to us. 

You can explain what plug with what receptacle and what length you want. 

Don't worry about the amount in your need, even you only need special one that you can not find it in retail.

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Because It will take several weeks for producing in factory, and the other 1~2 weeks for shipping from China to USA. 

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