60332 Adapter Power Cord 20 AMP 6-20 Plug to Dryer 3 Prong 30 AMP 10-30 Plug

60332 Adapter Power Cord 20 AMP 6-20 Plug to Dryer 3 Prong 30 AMP 10-30 Plug

建议零售价: CNY ¥258.58
  • Molded NEMA 6-20P Male Plug, 20A 250V, for output to Transfer Switch Panel.
  • Molded Dryer 3 prong NEMA 10-30P Male Plug, Right Angle.
  • Use STW 10 AWG/3C copper inner wire 20 AMP 250 Volt 5000 Watt, Cable support max 30 Amp overload.
  • 100% copper wire conductor inside Heavy-duty power adapter cord.
  • Be carefully use it. Be complete the connection of power cord before start your generator to support AC power.

6-20P to 10-30P .
It is special use adapter cord.
Use when you need connect your generator of 6-20 receptacle to equipment or House Transfer Switch Panel with 10-30 receptacle

It is not recommended by electircians, becauseof it is very easy to touch the terminal with power.

If you followed the right steps, it can be done safely.

Waht is right steps?
1. Turn off your main breaker.
2. Pulgin all the plug to connctor in both of two side.
3. Make sure first one step is complete.
4. Turn on your generator.
5. Don't pull any plugs out when generator working.
6. Turn off your generator when you don't want to use them.
7. Pull out the plug.


You can get the cord or adapter in your need.

We focus on producing power cord and molding NEMA plug or connector.
Most of generally use NEMA plugs and receptacles we can manufacture with PVC cable.
We have UL approved for all PVC wire in UL 62 standard, and also have UL or ETL approved for most of connectors in UL 817 standard.