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L5-30P to SS2-50R
692101 Shore Power Adapter Generator 30A L5-30P male to Marine 50A SS2-50R female with locking ring (SS2-50R two hots bridged)
RRP: USD $37.99
  • bymrmaddux
    Nov. 17,2018

    All works great, worth the wait.
    searched for a while to find the configuration I was looking for, but these guys were on it! All works great, worth the wait.

  • byTerry G
    Oct. 27,2018

    works great and gives many power feed options now for low price.

  • byC.T. Williams
    May. 4,2018

    As advertised, good transaction, good product

  • byPCole
    Nov. 23,2017

    When to use this: If your boat is wired to accept 220v 50A power, but the dock you are at only provides 110v 30a.

    Notes on use:

    This adapter connects both legs of your boat's panel to the same leg of power at the dock. This effectively drops the available power you can draw from 100A (two legs of

  • byAzeem
    Jun. 20,2017

    This adapter worked perfectly for converting my twin 30-amp 115-volt shore power Y-Adapter to 50-amp 250-volt single end so I could use my regular 30-amp shore power cord on my boat. It is well built and sturdy and I am very happy with my purchase of this adapter.