RV / EV / Marine / 

Generator / Welder

Power connection solution 

Slove power connect require from power inlet, pedestal to car, boat or yacht. 

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Established in 2016

Description of targeted group.  

We are an integrated agency, which is specializing in providing interated service for power cord trade company. 

Product development, advertising, marketing research, promotion, etc.. 

Our markets are focus in North American, especial the connection between Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Generator, welding.

Pruduct line cover the extension cord, power adapter cord, adapter, replaceable connector. 

Quality and safity is the best important requirement in our product.

We would like to cooperate with your esteemed firm in enforcing long-tern working partnership. 

Any power connection require can send the drawing to us, we can provide product and service for you.

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