884975 Generator Adapter 4-Prong Locking 20 AMP L14-20 Plug to 30 AMP Locking L14-30 Receptacle

884975 Generator Adapter 4-Prong Locking 20 AMP L14-20 Plug to 30 AMP Locking L14-30 Receptacle

RRP: USD $19.99

Parkworld 884975 Generator Adapter 4-Prong Locking 20A L14-20 Plug to 30A Locking L14-30 Receptacle

  • 1 piece Adaptor for generator L14 20A to L14 30A home transfer switch or house panel.
  • Generator L14-20, 4-prong 20 AMP locking male plug. Generator L14-30, 4-prong 30 AMP locking female connector.
  • Molded with electroplate copper terminal in order to avoid surface oxidation effectively.
  • AC Power Adapter L14-20P to L14-30R 125V/2500W, 250V/5000W. Test electrical function by UL & cUL standard.
  • Heavy-duty round power adapter plug for generator 100% copper conductor inside.

Use on when you need to connector your L14-30 plug power cord to L14-20 generator power 4-prong 20A 250V outlet.

10AWG cable inside for max 30 AMP Overload.

X-prong connect to Y-prong in L14-30R

You can get the cord or adapter in your need.

We focus on producing power cord and molding NEMA plug or connector.
Most of generally use NEMA plugs and receptacles we can manufacture with PVC cable.
We have UL approved for all PVC wire in UL 62 standard, and also have UL or ETL approved for most of connectors in UL 817 standard.

Please let us know your demand by send message to us.
You can explain what plug with what receptacle and what length you want.

Don't worry about the amount in your need, even you only need special one that you can not find it in retail.
Waiting is the only thing we hope you can understanding.

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  • byBrian Baker
    Jan. 2,2019

    After we had yet another ice storm that knocked out our power for days, I finally decided to install an exterior plug to the house for my generator. This adapter works perfect to adapt the generator cable to the generator. Great product. Hooked it up and let it run for about 30 minutes with a load o

  • byjmoonx14
    Dec. 29,2018

    Well made and works. Been installed for 6 months of outdoor generator use st 20 maps. No issues.

  • byalfredo ortega
    Nov. 8,2018

    Excelent product.

  • byJavic
    Jul. 29,2018

    Worked like a charm. Purchased a 30 amp cord, and of course my generac 3300 generator has a 20 amp 220 plug. This adapter did the trick.

  • byKeith Michael berryhill
    Jul. 8,2018

    Worked AWSOME, was able to connect my welding unit to a generator for a mobile set up!